Support the library!

If you share the passion for our cause, there are many ways you can help us continue our work and develop.

  • Be a volunteer and join our facebook group!
  • Be a member of the library!
  • Purchase books, totebags, or order other creative works from us!
  • Come to our events!
  • Visit us in the library in open hours!
  • Place an online donation! Find our PayPal HERE!

Throughout the past years Közkincs Community Library has proved its value to the community and become a prized feature of the Budapest landscape. In the coming year we would like to expand our work and build a solid foundation for the library’s future.

Up until now the founder of has been financing the library out of her own pocket and we have been staffed purely by our wonderful volunteers. Now, however, in order to ensure the continuing existence of this great resource and make it a permanent fixture in the city, we need to become self-sustaining. Our two main needs right now are regular staff and a security system to safeguard the collection, both of which would enable us to make the library more accessible at more times. If you appreciate the work the library has done in providing a safe and welcoming place for students, teachers, thinkers, activists, researchers, reading/discussion groups, community organizations, NGO’s, workshops and classes, please consider donating. Those who donate regularly will be welcome to visit the library during study hours free of charge (others are asked to contribute 100-500 HUF each visit).

We have three levels of donation to suit every pocket:

  • Supporter: 10 Euros/12 USD/3000 HUF minimum per month
  • Browser: 1000 HUF per month
  • Contributor: A one-time donation of any amount

This amount would go directly to our current fundraising goal of installing a security system to safeguard our unique collection.

By donating you are helping to maintain the civil and activist community in Budapest, providing space and resources for those who are thinking critically, sharing ideas and organizing to defend their values in these difficult times.

Donate by bank transfer and use the following details:
Bank name: Magnetbank
Account number: 16200223-10039784


Find our PayPal HERE!

(Don’t be intimidated by the Hungarian, trust Google Translate or contact us if you need any help!)

We are deeply grateful for your contributions. We also understand if you cannot give money at the moment. An alternative way to help would be to volunteer a few hours of help in the library whenever you have time. We aim to put a complete catalog online, and need all the help we can get. You could also help us by sharing this page to help spread the word!