We have many books for sale here at the library. You can a find a small selection of these below. If you are interested in any of the books pictured here, please contact us!

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Prices are listed, bulk deals available: 6 books for 5000 HUF (applies to books under 1500 HUF).

Gardening Books

Gardens by the Sea by Alexandra D’Arnoux, Erica Lennard and Bruno De Laubadere, Hardcover, 1500 HUF

  • This book shows sea-side gardens from around the world in a series of high-quality prints, accompanied by eloquent and informative descriptions

The Organic Gardener by Catharine Osgood Foster, Hardcover, 1000 HUF

  • A practical guide to organic gardening, full of wisdon from the author’s own life experience, emphasizes nutritional soil

Plants for Dry Climates: How to Select, Grow and Enjoy by Mary Rose Duffield and Warren D. Jones, Hardcover, 1000 HUF

  • Includes information of over 450 plants and many ideas for landscape designing with minimal water resources.

Living on an Acre: A Practical Guide to the Self-Reliant Life by U.S. Department of Agriculture, Hardcover, 1000 HUF

  • A great beginner-book for small-scale sustainability projects from remodeling to livestock!


Interior details : 25 fabulous finishing touches by Andrea Spencer, Hardcover, 1000 HUF

  • Includes many easy, classy touches to accent your interior.

Affordable Decorating: 72 Projects and Ideas to Save You Money, Hardcover, 1000 HUF

Building a Shed by Joseph Truini, Hardback, 1000 HUF

  • Step-by step instructions from a construction expert, provides directions in building a variety of shed-types from beginning to roof

The Plumber’s Handbook by Joseph P. Almond Sr. and Rex Miller,

Paperback, 1000 HUF

  • Pocket-sizes manual for installing, maintaining and services all kinds of plumbing, very practical to keep around the house!

Basic Stairbuilding by Scott Schuttner, Hardcover, 1000 HUF

  • Expert instruction on building many styles of stairs


Quilts From The Quiltmaker’s Gift by Joanne Larsen Line, Hardcover, 1000 HUF

  • Ever wanted to join in the long-standing tradition of quilt making? This book is perfect! With expert advice and guidance and over 20 heritage quilt patterns.

Bargello and Related Stitchery by Charles Barnes, Hardcover, 1000 HUF

  • Guide to stitch-savvy decorating of accessories, with patterns, color illustrations and step-by-step instructions.

San Francisco: A Certain Style by D. Saeks and J. Vaughan, Hardcover, 1000 HUF

  • Shows interiors by celebrated decorators for ideas and imitation

The Thrifty Decorator by Jocasta Innes, Hardcover, 1000 HUF

  • The perfect guide for turning junk to jewels, from stenciling to lining furniture, this book covers it all!

Cookbook, Vegetarian

Vegetáriánus szakácskönyv magyar nyelven!
Vegetáriánus szakácskönyv magyar nyelven! 1000 HUF


Wildflowers of California by Larry Ulrich and Susan Lamb, Paperback, 1500 HUF

  • Beautiful copy in great condition. Gorgeous, high-quality photos inside, see next photo.
Wildflowers of California by Larry Ulrich and Susan Lamb 2


Harcourt Brace Anthology Of Drama 2nd Edition by W B Worthen, Paperback, 1500 HUF

  • Best-selling, comprehensive anthology of world theater from Greeks to present, with focus on women writers and writers of color.